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David Weilert - Writer/Director/Producer

DAVID M. WEILERT is a Writer/ Director/ Producer from Rochester, NY. He received his first camera when he was 12 years old and knew from that moment that his purpose in life was to make people laugh through the big screen. David writes feature generational comedies and comedy television pilots that appeal to everyone and anyone who has experienced the in’s and outs of the ever-changing world we live in. Ultimately, he makes the shows and movies that you know and love and relate to.

Aside from his love of making people laugh, he has years of experience in Live, Digital and Scripted TV. He has worked behind the scenes of scripted television and movies for outlets such as NBC Peacock, Showtime and Netflix – He has set up, organized and assisted in the planning of red carpet events and movie premieres. He also earned the rare opportunity to start multiple television shows for the E! Network in both Los Angeles and New York.  Along with his unparalleled experience, he brings TONS of humor, wit and passion to the table which is evident in the films and TV shows he makes.

Plus, he loves chicken wings and the Buffalo Bills. Go Bills!

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